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Powder Pillows And Preposterous Polls


Given the fact that the TTR office is located in the snowboarding capital of Europe (better known as Innsbruck, Austria), It seems pretty ridiculous not to take advantage of the abundance of terrain that surrounds us. This past Saturday provided Head Honcho Drew Stevenson with the perfect opportunity to take the TTR crew up to Mayrhofen for a full day of powder glory and fresh track extravaganza. It was the first day of riding for many of us and we foreigners certainly werent used to massive mounds of powder in November. It was embarrassing to say the least as Drew gave slight reconsideration to why he hired us interns in the first place. A note of caution: If you ever hear the words Itll be fine, just follow me” on the first run of the season in the Alps, take a step back and ask yourself, “is it really worth hiking all the way back up again from the depths of the Mayrhofen valley?” Dont say we didnt warn you… But after a ton of face plants, wipeouts and flat out bails, we got into the groove of things, charging each and every face and chute to prove our worth. According to all the locals, mid-November of last year didnt see anything close to weather we had experienced. Blue bird skies, limitless powder and the sun brightening our smiles, it was day to behold. Later in the day, our film guy Nugget came out a little banged up after hitting a buried steel pipe of some sort, cracking his board and injuring his left leg. But he’s a strong guy and even though he’s walking around a little slower, with a couple stitches, bloody scars and using the office as his temporary place of zen and healing (we have a shower which helps out a lot), he’ll be back out on the slopes in no time. On a separate note, what on earth is going on with the poll on the main page of the TTR Site?? For those not aware, we recently asked everyone who they thought would take the lead after the Nokia Air & Style in Munich. You had four options: Mason Aguirre, Shaun White, Torstein Horgmo and Travis Rice. The results of this poll are ridiculous. The question doesnt ask who you think will win the event. It asks who will take tour lead! Obviously the people voting in these polls have no idea how the ranking works. Are you dumb or just stupid? If youre going to vote at least do your research. Maybe look at the riders list? Or dare I say…look at the ranking list?? GASP! Im just going to throw it out there, but Im thinking Torstein is going to take the lead. I mean seriously people, Shaun White? HES NOT COMPETING IN MUNICH!!! Neither is Mason! Unbelievable. And Travis Rice. Yes, well, Travis kills it, and he’ll probably bust out some boggling double cork 1080 and blow everyone away, but keep in mind that he has not bagged any previous 07/08 points. This is one of six results. So he’s got some catching up to do.However……. maybe this is a sign of how many people simply do not know how the ranking systems works…so we may try and piece together a little Ranking 101” for all you newbies out there. Also check out Shaun White ‘s New Profile. Keep it real.