TTR World Snowboard Tour

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Peetu Piiroinen: The 2008/2009 Swatch TTR World Snowboard Champion


After an intense Halfpipe final at snowboardings most prestigious competition, Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) now stands tall as the Swatch TTR World Tour Champion for 2008/2009. Throughout the season Peetu has been steadily ascending the TTR ranks and he secured the crown today when he finished second in the 6Star US Open Halfpipe contest.Piiroinen is the first Finnish rider to claim the title since the TTRs inception, a feat that has his nation rejoicing. Throughout the season Peetu consistently displayed fearless style across all the TTR contest formats. Mind blowing skills and ruthless efficiency ensured him seven Top 5 results in major 6Star events. His win is testament to the fact that a rider needs to excel across all facets of snowboarding in order to be crowned Swatch TTR World Champion.As soon as his 2008/2009 campaign kicked off at the 6Star Nissan X-Trail Jam, it was obvious that the unassuming young Finn was gunning for the Title. Piiroinen annihilated the Quarterpipe contest and blew everyone away with a BS 9 Cork during the Big Air finals. The combined results of the two formats earned him a second place finish and launched him into World No. 34 – ready to improve on his previous season World No.3 finish.Peetus meteoric rise continued at the 6Star ONeill Evolution. A fifth place finish in the Slopestyle served as a precursor to an epic finale on the Quarterpipe. It was here that Peetu would go head to head with close friend Risto Mattila (FIN). A true neck and neck showdown ensued with Peetu eventually laying down a monster BS 5 which would earn him his first 6Star Title. The win also bolstered his title ambitions and rocketed him into World No. 5.Peetu then rolled into Laax for the 6Star Burton European Open. The Slopestyle finals saw European and US Riders battling it out for crucial ranking points. Peetu constantly displayed calculated style and came in second to Danny Davis and this result, combined with his fifth place in the Halfpipe was enough to move him into World No. 2, the No.1 spot ready for the taking.The 6Star Billabong Air & Style would prove to be the defining moment in Peetus 2008/2009 campaign race. He wowed the crowd with his lofty airs, and came in second with a smooth BS 5. The result was enough for him to overtake Chas Guldemond (USA) and move into World No.1, however with several major events remaining the race was far from over.