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Pat Burgener Wins 4Star Monster Fridge Contest In Budapest


In a scenic setting right next to Budapest’s ‘Hero Square’, Pat Burgener won the Big Air contest with a backside 1080 and a stylish cab 900 mutegrab, witnessed by a massive audience.

A doublecork 900 plus backside 1080 secured Ulrik Badertscher’s second place, followed by Kevin Backström’s cab 900 and frontside 1080 bronze run. With 12,000 people cheering on their favorite riders, the Varosliget Park venue was at it’s full capacity, and provided a pumping party afterwards.

Thumping to the beat of the Infected Mushrooms and Freestylers, this is a festival not to be missed, and a great reason to check out the capitol of Hungary.

In the qualification, the best trick counted from 2 jumps, Staale Sandbech throwing out a perfect Backside 1080.


1. Staale Sandbech 90.5 pts
2. Pat Burgener 88.75 pts
3. Matevz Petek  87.5 pts
4. Ulrik Badertscher 86.5 pts
5. Kevin Backström 85.5 pts
6. Jan Necas 83 pts
7. Zebbe Landmark 82.5 pts
8. Michael Macho 81.5 pts

Final Results:

1. Pat Burgener 186.5 pts
2. Ulrik Badertscher 180 pts
3. Kevin Backström 166.75 pts
4. Matevz Peter 157 pts
5. Staale Sandbech 141 pts
6. Michael Macho 120.5 pts
7. Jan Necas 96.75 pts
8. Zebbe Landmark 58 pts