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Part 2: Catching Up With The Riders At The Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam


Heres part 2 of the interviews from Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam. To remind you, this is what we asked our snowy heroes:1. What did you get up to in the summer?2. What are your plans this winter? Ville Uotila (FIN) 1. In the summer I was back home in Finland and did a lot of sports to keep fit, like biking. And to balance it all out I did a lot of partying with my friends. Then I spent 2 months in New Zealand and Australia as well as two weeks in Hintertux this fall. So there was also a lot of riding this summer.2. Im not 100% sure about my plans for this winter, I recon Ill tour a lot of competitions, and for sure do some photoshoots with my sponsors. Ill probably go to the States at some point for one month and then Canada, but mainly Im gonna be based in Europe this winter. Elias Elhardt (GER) 1. I went to Camp of Champions in Canada right after I had my final exams. I had a good time there, I did the fence jump with Henry. It was pretty cool as it was a lot of riding. Then I went to surf for a month in Spain and France. The waves were alright, Im a beginner!! Then I went to freestyle CH and Kaunertal opening.2. My plan for this winter is gonna be to ride a lot of TTR contests and do some filming. Im not sure what exactly im gonna do, but for sure Ill be riding in a lot ofcontests. Aginiezka Rusin (POL) 1. Last summer I went to New Zealand, it was pretty cool. I was just riding in Snowpark