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Pancochova Keen To Take Over The Tour Lead


With only 12 spots for the guys and 5 spots for the girls available in tomorrows finals of the 4Star Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam and weather conditions that seemed to change by the hour, 70 men and 20 women battled their way through sun, fog, wind, and cold today at the Dachstein Glacier in Austria. While the girls seemed to be struggling with the conditions, the men showed some outstanding performances. Most impressive rider of the day was not only Gjermund Braaten who finished in first, but also Matevz Pristavec (SLO) who landed a smooth BS 1080 and the Austrian shredder Max Weickl who impressed the judges with an extremely high BS Rodeo 7. The girls will get their second qualifying run tomorrow morning. Those few riders that were lucky enough to already posses a ticket to ride for Saturday, took the time to study their competitors and get some riding in themselve. Sarka Pancochova (CZE) was one of them. We sat down with this young female rider to find out what her summer was like and what her plans are for the upcoming Swatch TTR season. Apart from surfing the French coast, Sarka mostly followed the winter season all across the globe, competing at the 5Star Burton New Zealand Open and shooting with her sponsor Flow in Argentina. Now she is keen to attack the European snowboard scene and to stay on the right track to take the Swatch TTR Tour lead. The level of the qualifiers today wasnt that high. But there are a few more girls tomorrow like Cheryl, Lisa and Julia that will make it harder. Today, for me Cilka was one of the best riders, says Sarka. But for sure I wanna win tomorrow. This girls already has her season planned to the fullest with both 6Star Roxy Chicken Jams , the Burton European Open, and US Open on her radar as well as qualifying for the Olympics. But one of her biggest goals, she admits, is to beat the current Tour leader Jamie Anderson (USA), I think I am watching out for Jamie, because I cannot be in front of her. I dont know, maybe it is because I always fall. But this season I want to beat Jamie. Lets see what this young rider has in store. If she sticks to her plan to take it more easy in the events finals she could definitely make her dream come true. Watch out boys because this girl will certainly make the gap between mens and womens snowboarding a lot smaller, or so she sais.Check live video clips from the finals on Saturday on and Or join us on Twitter to get regular updates from the 4Star Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam at Dachstein, Austria.