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O’Neill 12/13 Women Outerwear Preview


O’Neill’s Senior Snow Outerwear designers Haitske Jacobs and Michael Esser were interviewed to get a sneak preview of their FW 12/13 models. Below shows the questions followed by their answers. Check it out! P lease describe the overall idea / general inspiration behind your 2012/13 outerwear line. Fall Winter 2012/2013 continues the celebration of the 60-year anniversary of ONeill. We are celebrating 60 years of innovating and progressing the surf industry since the day back in 1952 when Jack ONeill invented the wetsuit because he just wanted to surf longer.” This simple invention has paved the way for ONeills progression – the aim of which to simply enhance your experience in nature. This winter, with every product embracing the innovation of ONeill, the products on offer mean that you will enjoy your winter not only in style, but also in warmth and comfort. 60 years of shaping Influenced by 60 years of ONeill history in shaping the classic design of the wetsuit, as well as incorporating ergonomic lines, mean the inspiration is all about producing the perfect form. Mid-century Americana This design influence harps back to the time of the inception of ONeill back in 1952, but has translated the classic look into a modern on-trend looking using the likes of classic materials including wool, boucle and tweed. Eclectic diversity Eclectic Diversity theme brings a modern fresh and vibrant feel – whilst playing with the established roots of ONeill. The idea is that through innovation and original thinking – anything is possible. The look and feel incorporates colour blocking and a mix of different styles. What is the key piece (jacket, pant or otherwise) in the 12/13 collection about which you are most excited? Why? 255020 Sparkle Jacket. This has been developed alongside our teamrider Celia Miller. Her influence on our outwear is on-trend, fresh and technically superior. This jacket stands out not only for its style – EVERYONE who has seen it, loves it – but also its material, a slub yarn combination, its loonger fit and its 15k/10k performance. What fits / silhouettes will you be showing, in pants & jackets? How does it differ from last season? Jackets: WE will be showing longer fits next to our regular fits as we see a big trend in longer parka style jackets. PANTS: There are still two trends running simultaneously within pants. The first is a relaxed pant fit and the second is a slimmer fit pant. What”s new in colours / prints? With our inspiration in the time of the start of ONeill – mid century America – we have a more muted colour palette linking to a more classic look and feel. In the theme of Eclectic diversity its about new colour combinations with some brighter twists throughout. Describe the fabrics, features and technical innovations your outerwear will be running? Please highlight *NEW* technical stories that retailers will be seeing for the first time from your brand. 1. WOOL . Working with the inspiration of our 60 year history, the idea of using wool came up. Back in the 1950s before Jack ONeill invented the wetsuit to enable him to surf the cold waters of Northern California without the pain of the freezing sea on his skin, surfers were going to all drastic measures to stay warm. Some guys wore wool sweaters, said Jack ONeill. There are stories about guys putting oil on their wool sweaters to repel water, but that doesnt make sense. If you did that, itd get all over your surfboard.” This is the reason we have introduced technical wool into the outerwear collection. Its a polyester material with the outlook of a wool material with a high water column and breathability. 2. FIREWALL The ONeill Firewall system has developed throughout the ONeill Fall Winter 2012/2013 collection. Ergonomic research on body mapping has shown designers where the body looses most heat, where we transpire the quickest, and where the body needs the most ventilation. Through this research a combination of linings and insulations including primaloft, down and hyperfill, are used in every product to provide the perfect balance in warmth and breathability. Do your jackets attach to your pants for 12/13? How? The ONeill Connector System is featured on every single pant and jacket in the collection. The system works with 3 buttons with loops on the snowgator of the jacket that connect to loops on the pants – perfect for powder days. Will there be a one-piece in your 12/13 line? Of course! The one piece is classic ONeill outerwear. In addition as we focus on a trend for Freeski this fits in perfectly this season. Virginie Faivre has been wearing the Moonstone Freesuit (255034) with tonal but outspoken colour blocking. Also new this season and in the same trend for Freeski is the Grid Insulated Bib pant also in the same colour blocking as the full suit. Will your 2012/13 outerwear feature any eco-friendly pieces? Please describe what you”re doing here. Do you think it really matters to the consumer whether their purchase is eco or not? Spending winters in the mountains, working with nature and working to enhance your experience in the elements, we at ONeill have never been more aware of the challenges facing our environment. This season we bring recycled material and compromise absolutely nothing in performance at the same time by integrating it into the highest technical product offering in the line. This is enhancing your experience in nature by working with it at the same time. This is recycled material with 4-way-stretch and can be found in the Harmony Jacket (255003) and Harmony Pant (258001) For the consumer who spends their time in nature, a brand that values this and is taking active steps to limit the impact on the environment is an exceptionally valuable consideration for the consumer. Want to here more….then click here.