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New TTR Industry Partner – Rossignol Snowboards -


Rossignol Snowboards, the French based Internationally distributed snowboard manufacturer has taken its commitment towards freestyle snowboarding one step further by supporting the tour that has identified top performances by their elite stable of professional snowboarders. Joining an flourishing list of already signed key industry partners, Rossignol Snowboards goes on being an industry sponsor of the tour and its events(Battle 2004, Fabulous tournament 2003, 2004) For the last 20 years since 1987, Rossignol snowboards had committed itself to yield credible boards, bindings, boots, clothing and accessories . Rossignol Snowboards has always been a clear market player. Being one of the top five brands worldwide they have built their market value through experience, quality, technology and credible sponsorships of top tiered partnerships. Damien Giraud, International communication and team manager for Rossignol snowboards, a key person to both Mathieu Crepels promotion and the brands relationship with the TTR was happy with the new marriage It is a natural step further in the endorsement of the TTR tour. We