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New Series Leaders Following You Look Good Riders Cup 2011


Sun Peaks, BC -Craig Beaulieu and Gillian Andrewshenko won the Coors Light Pro Open divisions at the third stop of the 2011 You Look Good Riders Cup at Sun Peaks Resort. Both walked away a little wealthier and have also taken the lead in both the men and womens series point races. The win makes it a repeat for Craig, who also placed first two-weeks ago at the YLGRC11 Mt. Seymour. Once again he earned himself $2000 and has become the leader in the series point standings, he is now ahead by 2800 points with just one stop remaining on the tour. He captured the win with his second of two finals runs that went down as follows, Back-lip on the first rail, 270 on / 270 off the second rail, Switch Under-Flip 7, Back-lip 270 off rail three, switch Backside 9 and Backside Rodeo 5. When asked about his repeat win Craig proclaimed, Im bi-winning!Once again giving Craig Beaulieu a run for his money, with less than a point separating their runs, was Jon Versteeg who also managed to replicate his podium position from Mt Seymour, taking second place in the pro mens division.Versteeg continued the repeat trend by also claiming the Snowboard Canada Stand Out Trick Award for the second time, thanks to his huge Cab 10. His full run went as follows, Boardslide, Gap-to-Frontboard, Frontside 5, Cab 270, Cab 10 Tail and Switch Backside 7 Melon. Rounding out the pro mens podium was Craig McMorris, who took home a well-deserved $500 thanks to his run that included, Frontside 270, Gap-to-Boardslide, Frontside 7 Lean, Gap-to-Boardslide 270 out, Frontside 9 and Backside 7.In the womens pro division Gillian Andrewshenko was able to improve on her third place podium finish two-weeks ago at Mt. Seymour with her first place finish. Following her win Gillian has a substantial lead in the overall point standings heading into the final series stop, she is now among a small contingent of women that are still in the running for the highly sought after surf trip to Eldorado Surf Resort in El Salvador. Gillian captured her win with her first finals run that included, Frontboards on rail 1 & 2, Backside 3 Indy, Boardslide, a huge Nose Grab on the second to last jump followed by a Frontside 3 to finish. Keeping with the days tradition of winning both second place in the pro open division and the SBC Stand Out Trick was Ali Tracy. Ali opted to hit the larger side of the last jump in her final run of the day. Where she laid down a gargantuan Backside 3 that had judges and spectators holding their breath until she landed clean and rode away. Making her the obvious choice for Stand Out Trick and second place. Joining Gillian and Ali on the podium in third place was Kristina Adams. Kristina rode well all day and managed to put down some Frontside 3s and 5s in here finals runs. In the Salomon Bonfire Amateur Open mens division Kurt Layton of Calgary took home top honors and an 8-day session at Camp of Champions. His winning run included, a Frontboard, Cab Boardslide-to-Fakie, Cab 5 Indy, 50-50-to-Front 180, Switch Backside 5 and Frontside 7. Joining him on the podium was Ryan Paterson in second and Logan Farrow in third.The Salomon Bonfire Amateur Open womens win went to Carly Scott who raised the bar amongst her fellow competitors with her Backside 3s. Carly will be joining Kurt at Camp of Champions this summer during the Salomon Bonfire week. Taking second and third respectively was Marlee Eheler and Marisa Harder.A small but eager and talented group made up the mens Renegade and Grom division competitors. Putting down a stand out performance was Tucker Monaghan in the Renegade division with his Gap-to-Boardslide and Backside 3s. For the Grom mens division Nathan Harvey rode strong all day, showing off his signature Shiftys and 50-50s.