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Morgan And Stephenson Take The 3Star Giro British Big Air Titles


Once again Laax was bathed in glorious sunshine and it was a go big or go home day for Britains finest snowboarders with Billy Morgan and India Stephenson bringing home the bacon in the Giro British Big Air Championships. There were 12 spaces for men and six for women in the finals and it was a hotly contested battle in what judge Will Hughes described as the highest standard of British snowboarding he has ever seen. Contestants were stomping double-corked backside 10s, an array of switch backside 9s and a special mention goes to Jason Molyneux for landing a double backflip and sketching out of a triple. This year each rider had three runs to throw down their best shapes, with repeated tricks rendered null and void to whittle out any one trick ponies and encourage creativity. Billy bagged gold with the trick of the day, a double-corked backside 10 as well as a cab 10 earning him 76 points. Chris Kightly picked up silver with a super tidy frontside 10 and a switch back 9, and in third place was Sam Turnball with a raucous double-corked backside 10 and a backside rodeo 720. Billy Morgan quoted: I didnt know how it was going to go, but I guess the judges must have liked it. Im stoked to have regained my title. This year the ladies took it to the next level and showed how much the womens side of the sport is progressing with spins off the large kicker as well as some styley tweaked out straight airs. Newcomer India Stephenson took gold spinning a backside 360 tail grab and a method off the large kicker, scoring an impressive 41.5 points. Last years champ Katie Blundell from Devon picked up silver with a floaty backside 360 and Becky Menday took the final spot on the podium after landing a frontside 180, a method and only just failing to finish off her frontside 360. India Stephenson quoted: Today was a great day, the jumps were nice, it was sunny and it was so good to win. Giro British Big Air Championships ResultsMen Women1st Billy Morgan 1st India Stephenson2nd Chris Kightly 2nd Katie Bludell3rd Sam Turnball 3rd Becky Menday