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Mmmhh, Why Does The Homepage Look Different?


You might have noticed that the TTR World Snowboard Tour Homepage changed over the weekend. Most notably the new Facebook box. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We want your visit to the site to be a better experience – no matter if you are here to get your job done or to sit back and enjoy the latest video. New faster Server You won’t see any difference – but hopefully you feel it. We updated our server infrastructure. And you should be able to cruise from A to B a lot faster now. Brandnew Search We implemented a new search system which is faster and more accurate with its results. Also possible now: exclusive searches using quote symbols (like on google). We hope it will help you find content easier and that for researching anything related to competitive freestyle snowboarding – we stay your site of choice! (Video content and more will be indexed soon…) Archive Browser update After clicking on the “Results Archive” in the rider report or the “Ranking Archive” on the world ranking list you will find a new interface: We have 3 months showing now and a direct click on months is also possible enabling a more convenient browsing experience Wlick on season buttons brings user to last savepoint of chosen season in the database instead of the first month. It’s faster to browse to the final end of season ranking. Five seasons of TTR history at your fingertips – and you’ll know you are in 2006 because the site turns grey! Social bookmarking This season we embrace social networks even more – also on our website. The homepage now includes the facebook fan page with a constant flow of updates. And each page boast a box with buttons to our most important social media and video sites: TTR iTunes signup Vimeo & Youtube channels Facebook & Myspace Twitter Additionally you are able to share the current page content on any of the social networks you are using.So stay tuned to TTR website and our communities – with the 6Star Billabong Air&Style coming up, boasting one of the strongest rider’s fields ever – it will be an amazing (corky) show! And even if you can’t be there yourself – we will try to make you feel like you were! Enjoy the show! Andy aka A.Dawg