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Mark Mcmorris Stomps Backside Triple Cork 1440


Canadian ripper and winner of the Air & Style Innsbruck 2011, Mark McMorris impressed everyone last week by sticking a new and insane trick – backside triple cork 1440. Mark was filming with the Transworld crew in Snowmass, Colorado for an upcoming project when Mark felt the jump and went for it. In a Transworld interview Mark had the following to say – “Ive been doing a variation of the double cork back ten for quite awhile and nobody had tried it, so I just wanted to see what would happen if I just started it like a back ten but go a little further, hold my grab—I dont know. The first one I just didnt start as flippy, I kinda did a backside fourteen double and just fell. It kinda made sense so I just eased my way into it on the next two. I did it with no injury, so thats cool.