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Kevin Pearce Returns To Snowboarding


Nearly two years after his traumatic brain injury occurred, the best half pipe snowboarder in the world, Kevin Pearce, is back on the slopes at Breckenridge leaving fans and film crews blown away in his powder trail. “It felt pretty crazy, and it’s amazing to know that it was all still in there,” Pearce said, tapping the side of his head after burning through several runs with a small army of his fans and supporters. “I lost a lot of things up in this brain of mine, but it’s good to know I still have the snowboarding. It would have been hard if I had gotten out there and couldn’t even turn down the hill. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would have felt, but it’s all still there.” In order for Pearce to warm himself up for his return to the snowboarding world he started the morning with runs at Vail with a smaller group including his brother, Jake Burton and the frends crew. “I’m not going to do any double corks in the halfpipe. Yet,” Pearce said. “Just some mellow runs down the mountain and cruise and enjoy ourselves. Just have fun. Not be too serious. That’s the plan as of now.” So from everyone at TTR Kevin welcome back and we hope to be seeing you soon! Have you missed seeing Kevin on the hill? Then why not check out this greatest hits video that we put together… >