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Kazu Shows Support For Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue


By JEARS: Reigning Burton US Open of Snowboarding Champion and two-time Olympian, Kazuhiro Kokubo announced his support for Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue today and urged his fans and the snowboarding community to follow his lead in supporting animal rescue in Japan. On a day that should have been spent focusing on defending his championship, news from his home country of Japan suddenly changed 22-year-old Kokubos priorities as his heart went out to his country and the people of East Japan, only 482 miles from his hometown. I was speechless, and for the first time since I was a kid, I sat and cried as we watched the news reports,” Kokubo said. I knew immediately that I wanted to help my country and like so many people, didnt know how. My main focus was not on winning or the competition itself at that point, but just getting the day over with and being with my wife who was flying to California from Japan.” After securing his second consecutive US Open title, Kokubo celebrated” by boarding straight down the center of the half pipe while saying a prayer for Japan. This win and my final run was my prayer for Japan,” Kokubo said. To show my support and let everyone watching the event know, that as great as that moment was for me personally, it means nothing next to what so many people are going through.” Once back at his U.S. residence in California, Kokubo and his wife, Tomoe, decided to support animal rescue as a key element to stabilizing life for the people in Japan. They found Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) during an online search and were impressed with the groups mission, lack of political focus and the fact that there was no bureaucracy to wade through. JEARS is about action first, paperwork later, and that appealed to me,” Kokubo said. We are very pleased to welcome