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Jenny Jones Launches Into Swatch TTR World Number One For One Day After Burton European Open Slopestyle


Laax, Switzerland: It was a gorgeous day in Laax Switzerland as the leading Men and Women fought for the Tour lead in the Slopestyle finals at the Swatch TTR SIX(6)STAR Burton European Open. Jamie Anderson (USA) took home the BEO Slopestyle Title as did Shaun White (USA), who posted his first TTR result of the season, earning 1000 TTR Ranking points. Jenny Jones (GBR) however, finished second in the slopestyle, which moved her into TTR World No. 1, just 3 points ahead of now TTR World No. 2 Jamie Anderson.See how Jenny’s results this season have helped her leapfrog Kelly Clark into the number one position click here.Snowboarding fans and judges saw big tricks come from the days top riders in both the Mens and Womens fields, taking progression to a whole new level. With Anderson stomping huge 540s off the kickers, busting out sick eggplants on the Quarterpipe and bringing back her buttery rail combos, there was no question as to why she won the Title. Jenny Jones landed huge 3s and a FS540 off the bigger kicker line, coming in second, as Silvia Mittermueller (GER) rounded out the Top 3 with sick alley-oops, big 7s and technical rail combos. 06/07 Tour Champion Torah Bright (AUS) who finished 9th overall in the Slopestyle has moved into Swatch TTR World No. 3 ahead of Elizabeth Beerman (USA) who is now World No. 4. Kelly Clark (USA) did not compete in the BEO Slopestyle and thus has been bumped down to TTR World No. 5.The Men were going huge today with the Americans leading the pack. Shaun White (USA) took the Slopestyle Title with an insane kicker combo comprised of a huge Frontside 9 off the quarterpipe, a Frontside 10, a Backside 9 and then a Cab 10 off the kickers. Chas Guldemond (USA) was the runner up stomping an insane backside 1260 on the last kicker after a sweet McTwist, and Cab 9. Chas was the only rider to do a 12 in the entire competition. Tim Humphreys (USA) took the third spot with sick rail combos, and clean 7s, 9s and 10s in each of his runs.Andy Finch (USA) holds on to his TTR Tour Lead as Chas Guldemond moves into World No. 3 with Risto Mattila (FIN) right behind him by just one point at Swatch TTR World No 4. Tim Humphreys (USA) second place moves him into World No. 8. All the major TTR men and women riders will be bringing out the big guns, as there are only a few more opportunities to post their best SIX(6)STAR results and claim that desirable Swatch TTR World Championship Title and a piece of the $250 000 USD TTR prize purse. In the mens field, Risto Mattila, Andy Finch and Kevin Pearce (USA) will battle it out for the Top 3 spots in the TTR Rankings. 06/07 Tour Champion Shaun White is also a favourite going into the finals, and he could take home a second 2008 TTR Title in just one event, moving into Top 40.Jamie Anderson didnt make the Halfpipe finals, but finished 9th overall in Halfpipe, which earns her enough TTR Ranking points to move to World No. 1. Therefore, the battle for World No. 2 will shift over to Bright and Clark. Both girls are favourites going into the finals, so look for huge amplitude from Kelly and technical finesse from Torah.Catch all the suspenseful action in-person at Laax tomorrow, but if youre not on the mountain, log on to or www.freecaster.TV for live coverage and commentary of Fridays Halfpipe finals. Also dont forget to check out the TTR homepage for fresh News and Ranking updates as well as the Video Player for the highlights of the most heated snowboard competition in Europe. Top Ten Slopestyle Results – Men1. Shaun White (USA) Burton2. Chas Guldemond (USA) DC3. Tim Humphreys (USA) Flow4. Ville Uotila (FIN) Atomic5. Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) Burton6. Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) Santa Cruz7. Joel Lahti (FIN) FTwo8. Risto Mattila (FIN) Flow9. Sebastian Toutant (CAN) ONeill10. Kim Andre Eliassen (NOR) K2Top Ten Slopestyle Results – Women1. Jamie Anderson (USA) Salomon2. Jenny Jones (GBR) Billabong3. Silvia Mittermueller (GER) Oakley4. Meri Peltonen (FIN) Protest5. Margot Rozies (FRA) Roxy6. Sina Candrian (SUI) Burton7. Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas (NOR) Roxy8. Lisa Filzmoser (AUT) Elan9. Torah Bright (AUS) Roxy10. Lisa Wiik (NOR) Roxy