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Riders & Events need to be WST accredited


Riders & Events have to be WST accredited from January 1st, 2017 onward in order to be displayed on the WSPLs and on the World Snowboard Tour platform!

Riders need to hold a 2017 WST Rider License to be displayed on the WSPLs and access their rider profiles & result records.

Non-licensed riders are listed with a „-„ (dash) symbol only on the WSPLs and can not access their rider profile & rider result record.

Once a rider has registered for their 2017 Rider License he/she will be fully displayed on the World Snowboard Plattform, with the next WSPL ranking update which runs Mondays & Thursdays 3.00pm CET. 

To sign up for the Rider License click here:

Only WST accredited events are displayed on the WSPLs, the rider result records, the 2017 Season Calendar and have an WST event profile.

Non-WST accredited events are listed on the Global Planning Calendar only, marked with a yellow sandglass. The event profile can not be accessed and the event is not displayed on the result records and the WSPLs. 

Once an event has become WST accredited it will be listed on the 2017 Season Calendar, have a WST event profile and the event will be displayed on the WSPLs and on the rider result records. 

All events are welcome to join, regardless of the event’s current federation affiliation, national organization, host or promoter! 

To become WST accredited and be displayed on the WST platform events click here:


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