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Jamie Nicholls – Rule Britannia


Growing up in Northern England isn’t easy. You keep your head down, try not to get noticed and then try and escape when your friends, family or girlfriend aren’t looking! We grow up in a culture of teen pregnancy, minimum wage, and alcohol abuse — which at times isn’t so bad. Most children growing up see sport as the only option to live the life television has promised. We don’t have the facilities or the climate for most of the sports we participate in, but we try our god damn hardest. To put it bluntly were a nation of underdogs, and our snowboarders are no exception. The highest mountain in England is just a big hill. At just 978 metres, Scafell Pike, doesn’t even get a cool name. Fortunately things are looking up for us Limeys. In the last 10 years we’ve seen two indoor slopes built which will shelter you from the elements and provide our bodies with much needed elevation. One young lad who has braved these elements and conquered the elevation is Jamie Nicholls, England’s shining light in the Snowboarding world. He might only be 5′ 3″ and 15 years old, but he’s running with the big dogs, showing the world what England does best … try very hard. Last year he ranked 79th in the World TTR Rankings, throwing it down at the O’Neill Evolution with riders like Andy Finch and Chas Guldemond . This year has been even better – placing 1st at 4 events on the British Snowboarding Tour and twice on the Burton AM Tour. So it was a great honour that I had the chance to interview my fellow Yorkshireman at the Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland and ask him a few quick questions for TTR. In England snowboarding’s not the most popular sport, most Brits are happy sledging in Bin Bags whenever we have a freak storm…how did you get started? My parents first got me into it. I had a lesson at Halifax ski centre at the age of 7 and I loved it. After that I really started to get more into snowboarding.