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Isenseven Kaleidoscope Trailer 2011


The crew which started in the small Town “Isen” in Germany and has since grown to a full blown snowboard movie production crew, has released a trailer for their new and upcoming movie “Kaleidoscope”. And just as we expected… it looks awesome! Although it is mid summer in the northern Hemisphere this trailer made us wanna go snowboarding. The start of the 2011/12 TTR Tour this Friday might also have something to with this… Enough talking, check out the trailer for yourself: The film is by Alex Schiller, Tom Elliott and Vincent Urban and features the riding of – Alex Tank, Benny Wetscher, Christian Haller, Christophe Schmidt, Colin Frei, Dani Rajcsanyi, David Bertschinger Karg, Ethan Morgan, Fips Strauss, Fredrik Evensen, Kevin B