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Horgmo And Comstock Take Burton Abominable Snow Jam Slopestyle


The 4th Annual Burton Abominable Snow Jamat Mt Hood, Oregon, wrapped up with Slopestyle contest in what proved to be an outstanding TTR FIVE(5) STAR season opener. Class performances by Danny Kass(USA) and Gretchen Bleiler(USA) in Wednesdays Halfpipe contest were followed by storming performances by a courageous Torstein Horgmo(NOR) and stylish Erin Comstock(USA) in the Slopestyle contest. As the 07/08TTR World Snowboard Tour gears up for its Southern Hemisphere leg in August, Chas Guldemond(USA) sits in TTR TourChampionship Title lead following a combined Halfpipe 6thand Slopestyle 2ndplacings, while Kelly Clark(USA) leads the WomansTTR TourTitle charge bagging a Halfpipe 2nd and Slopestyle 5th.