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Great Start Of Norgescup For Per Iver Grimsrud At 3Star Maxit Swag Slopestyle


Per Iver Grimsrud (27) from Lillehammer won the TTR 3SStar MAXIT Swag Slopestyle at Vierli Saturday 20th November 2010. With the victory in the men’s finals received a ticket to ride at TTR 6Star The Oakley Arctic Challenge in Oslo in February.Despite difficult weather conditions, it was a very successful start for the NorgesCup (The Norwegian Cup) with the MAXIT Swag Slopestyle at Vierli, Norway. With over 100 entries, a fantastic park and a very high level of riding, Norwegian snowboarders showed very clearly that they are ready to shred this winter. TAC ticket to Per Iver Grimsrud Coach at the Norwegian College of Elite Sports, Per Iver Grimsrud, won the men’s class ahead of Roger Kleivdal and Emil Ulsletten. Grimsrud won with a run consisting of 270 Blunt on the first rail, bs 540 with nosetap, cab 270 to fakie on the box, cab 900 and bs 900 on the jumps. – “It was a great competition with many good riders and a high level of riding, so I’m very happy, this was fun”, says Per Iver. With the victory came a ticket to the 6Star TTR event The Oakley Arctic Challenge (TAC) in February. Grimsrud was naturally very pleased with this, but at the same time he hopes that some of his students get to join him at TAC. “Yes, clearly I’m looking forward to ride with some of the world’s best riders in a good park in Norway. But I hope that some of my students will have the opportunity to join me”, said Grimsrud. He gives full credit to the organizers, Vierli, and NorgesCup. “This was a great start of the season. We will for sure prioritize the NorgesCup this winter” said the coach.