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Gian Simmen – Ttr Blog From Crans Montana


Hello everybody this is Gian Simmen checking in from the Swatch TTR 4 star event in Crans Montana.They have a pretty sweet set up here. At first you have a big jump, then a hip followed by a jib box. Just after that you have to hit the pipe, where you can do about 4 hits. Its pretty fun to ride and the contest is well organized. The weather is good and everyone is enjoying them self. Its pretty cool to see all the new events and formats popping up, just like the Natural Selection from Travis Rice or a set up where you have to be able to ride everything in a row. If I look back in time, say 10 years, there were the Olympic games in Nagano where snowboarding had its debut. I have really good memories of that time, and not just because I won back then. The pipe we had there in Nagano set a new standard and was mind blowing. The following years the whole thing really progressed and pipes and parks got bigger and better. Todays standards for pipes got set back then and got built up over the last ten years. Its nice to see how some new riders come up and push the level to the next step. Sometimes I feel that they are missing some basics like a big nice backside air, but its all good!I do hope that snowboarding is still progressing with the TTR and will bring up more good unique events and riders. Right now the signs are pretty good for a bright future. So lets hope that we will get some snow and be able to go out and enjoy shredding.To watch Gian rip it at th the Swatch TTR FOUR(4)STAR Crans-Montana Champs Open, check out . The FIVE(5)STAR Honda Session at Vail is also set for viewing and action replay on . Don’t forget to check out the TTR Video player for the latest TTR footage!