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Geek Squad’S Narrowing Down The Ttr Title Contenders


Follow this blog for the latest predictions on the Swatch TTR Ranking List and stay on top of developments during the 6Star Burton US Open! You will get exclusive insight on the Tour Championship contenders and the TTR TOP 5 (from the geeky statistical standpoint) or how Risto would say: “You guys are looking for battles everywhere!” – Why are only Shaun and Peetu in contention for the title this season?- How come 07/08 Champion KP is in front of Shaun but does not even have a shot to win the trophy besides the other killer riders in the TOP10 ?- How is the game changing after the halfpipe finals on Saturday? Let’s start out easy and simple – without getting into too much excel – as I’m sure you all fancy a nice spreadsheet…so last question first: Why no one but Shaun and Peetu (Peeeeeeeddu – if you’re Finish)? Well, that’s an easier one and comes down to simple math. Here are the current scores and the maximum scores achievable after the USO halfpipe and slopestyle formats for any rider in the TTR TOP 10 (keep in mind that a 6Star event gives you 1000 points for a victory): Rank Name Nation Score # Res. Max. Score 1 Piiroinen, Peetu FIN 904,59 7 967,67 2 Guldemond, Chas USA 840,27 7 899,56 3 Mattila, Risto FIN 782,92 7 904,1 4 Pearce, Kevin USA 782,78 7 895,74 5 White, Shaun USA 769,72 6 955,86 6 Autti, Antti FIN 754,81 7 882,49 7 Reid, Charles CAN 739,52 7 840,56 8 Aguirre, Mason USA 732,23 7 844,42 9 Malin, Markus FIN 714,35 7 842,83 10 Korpi, Janne FIN 702,01 7 injured So Peetu’s current score to beat without even him riding is 904,59. If we look at Risto’s potential points winning both formats in Stratton:(782,92 x 7 – (515 + 636,72) + 2000) / 7 = 904,10His score will still be lower than Peetu’s current score (this is called an “unassailable lead”) and KP can also not move past the Fin anymore. As you can see the only person able to beat the current World Nr. 1’s unassailable lead is Shaun White as he only has 6 out of 7 results, a strong Season-End Points Bonus 07/08, rewarding his achievements in the past season and he can substitute a weaker 5Star result (6th at Red Bull Snowscrapers). Long-term Tour leader Chas Guldemond , who lost his Nr. 1 spot against Peetu at the Air&Style Quarterpipe in Innsbruck end of January won’t have a chance for the title this season despite strong results at several 5 and 6Star events.So let’s take a closer look at the 2 Title contenders! PEETU PIIROINEN With only one 6Star title under his belt one might think the flying Finn won’t have the slightest chance against Shaun, who is decorated with any and all medals, trophies and titles a snowboarder can possibly win in his career. But this one victory over his fellow friend Risto Mattila Davos’ 6Star quarterpipe was only the tip of the iceberg as Piiroinen finished on the podium at every single 6Star comp he entered this season. At the BEO he finished in front of Shaun in 2nd in the slopestyle and if he hadn’t gotten hurt at the Oakley Arctic Challenge he would have been close to impossible to beat this season – even for Mr. White. But one thing that is going to help Peetu is the strength of the other riders like Kevin Pearce in the pipe that might be of relative advantage for Peetu, if they can hold Shaun back from winning twice again. Check out Peetu’s rider profile SHAUN WHITE The 06/07 TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion, Olympic and multiple X-Games Gold Medalist could be the first snowboarder ever to win the coveted Swatch TTR trophy for a 2nd time!And his chances would be more than good if there wasn’t riders like Kevin Pearce or Danny Davis that have proved themselves capable in the past to be able to beat Shaun in pipe and slope. White has by far the most amazing career statistics of all riders on the Swatch TTR Tour and his average finish at all event he ever entered on the Tour equals 1 – no other rider can look back at statistics like that…But the 08/09 season has not been as flawless as usual and the