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Free Music Compilation By Switchstance Recordings Presented By Etnies


Longtime label partner of TTR, Switchstance Recordings just hit us with some exciting news which we wanted to share with you. Switchstance has officially released a FREE Etnies presents Switchstance Recordings compilation featuring Ancient Astronauts, Protassov, Kabanjak, Deela, Aeronautix, Raashan Ahmad, Azeem and DJ Brace. The compilation is presented by Etnies and with the purpose to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Etnies and the 10th anniversary of Switchstance Recordings. Check the compilation here and make sure to visit Etnies for their official announcement! If you like it please share it with your homies or as Switchstance puts it – “The compilation is free for every good soul on this planet so please spread it to your followers.”