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Fredrik Scuderi Wins Three(3)Star Dnb Nor Arctic Open To Qualify For Tac


Varingskollen, Norway – February 17th, 2008: The Swatch TTR THREE(3)STAR DnB NOR Arctic Open wrapped up this week hosting some insane riding on an international level. The ten man final was packed to the brim with Norwegian riders, with Fredrik Scuderi taking home the win with huge airs that also qualified him for the SIX(6)STAR Oakley Arctic Challenge taking place this week. Scuderi also claimed the 550 TTR ranking points up for the taking and a big piece of the $10 000 USD prize purse. Fridays qualification had twenty riders move to the semi final on Saturday afternoon. After a late afternoon warm up session, Italian rider Manuel Pietropoli, known this season for his sky-touching airs, dropped out of the event after a high impact landing in the flat. Pietropoli, who finished 12th, would have been a serious contender for highest air at the Arctic Open but decided it best to save his strength for the upcoming Oakley Arctic Challenge in Oslo. He moves into Swatch TTR World No. 23.After a high-class semifinal, ten riders moved on to a final that consisted of Norwegian riders only. Fredrik Scuderi took home the win, despite a huge slam on the deck earlier on in the competition and has moved into the TTR Top 200. Ulrik Badertscher, who has won 2 TTR TWO(2)Star events this season and sits in the TTR Top 80, finished second with insane chuck 7s, pushing Daniel Josefsen down to third. Josefsen still proved himself a worthy competitor pushing his limits with massive airs, closing in on the seven-meter mark with the highest air of the competition. Josefsen, who posted his first ever TTR result, moves on to the Arctic Challenge along with Scuderi, where both riders will have to bring their A-game if they hope to repeat their success in Varingskollen. Terje Haakonsen was present at the THREE(3)STAR Arctic Open and decided to give personal invitations to Freddie Austbo, who now sits at TTR World No 22., and Jody Koenders to compete in the Oakley Arctic Challenge, one of the most prestigious snowboarding events in the world.Stay tuned to for news, ranking, blog and video updates from the THREE(3)STAR ONeill Garden of Roses, the O2 World Rookie Fest, the Arctic Open and the upcoming SIX(6)STAR Oakley Arctic Challenge that will also be available for viewing on www.freecaster.TV. DnB NOR Arctic Open Top Ten:1. Fredrik Scuderi NOR SeaSport, Nike2. Ulrik Badertscher NOR Nike, F23. Daniel Josefsen NOR Forum, Special Blend4. Joacim Nyhaugen NOR Nike, Bataleon5. Inge Wiig NOR Nitro, Sessions6. Staale Sandbech NOR Santa Cruz, Oakley7. K