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Five Riders Win Ticket To 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge At 3Star Sweet Arctic Open


Swatch TTR 3Star Sweet Arctic Open went down in Varingskollen today, 14th February, and some fine Norwegian talent showed their best moves in the finals. Five new riders are qualified for The Oakley Arctic Challenge!Norway’s finest young talents showed up in Varingskollen today to compete for honour and glory, and a Ticket To Ride in The Oakley Arctic Challenge. After qualification and semifinals ten riders was competing for the golden tickets in the finals, and they were hungry for it!In the finals the riders had six runs each, and were jugded by height, spins and flips.Last years highest air, Daniel Josefson, was still hungry for a golden ticket and showed some clean high airs packed with style, and a bs 540 truckdriver. Although Daniel charged hard, the young rider Len Roald J