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Finnish Riders Come Out On Top At Swatch TTR Three(3)Star Bgv Fest


Magnitogorsk, Russia – February 11th, 2008: Despite some insanely cold weather, the Swatch TTR THREE(3)STAR BGV Fest went down without a hitch this past weekend as Finnish riders showed everyone how its done. With over 10 000 spectators watching, Tero Poikajarvi from Finland stood atop the podium with fellow Finnish rider Otto Veijol taking second and Alessandro-Boris Boyens from Germany rounding out the Top 3. Pokajarvi took home 550 TTR Ranking points and a big piece of the $15 000 USD prize purse.The set up of the slopestyle competition featured three types of freestyle terrain and provided riders with lots of room for creativity. The majority of each riders points were scored on the big kicker, which was weighted at 60%. The pyramid, or hip jump, in the middle of the course was designated 35%, and the rails were allocated just 5% of the total score for each rider.Eight riders made it from the semi-finals into the finals, but things got really interesting during the dramatic six-man super-final. Originally, only four riders were supposed to move on to the super-final, but due to such a small point difference, the judges decided to let two additional riders throw down in the super-final. The Finnish riders dominated the end of the competition, as first place rider Tero Poikajarvi stomped a huge switch BS 7 Tailgrab off the big kicker and a big FS 5 off the hip. Otto Veijola, who came second, threw a solid Cab 9 off the kicker and brought around a stylish BS rodeo on the hip. German rider Alessandro-Boris Boyens landed his Cab 10 Tailgrab, but went for simple FS Air off the hip to land him in Third Place. After the competition, riders and spectators warmed up by the fire along with some performances from local Russian bands and DJs. Check out for updates in the TTR Rankings, as well as news, blogs and video footage from major TTR events that took place this weekend. Coming up soon is the Swatch TTR SIX(6)STAR Arctic Challenge in Oslo Norway along with another batch of solid TTR THREE(3)STAR events from around Europe. Top 6 Riders at BGV Fest:1. Tero Poikajarvi FIN Forum2. Otto Veijola FIN Nitro3. Alessandro-Boris Boyens GER Anuell4. Viktor Teimurov RUS5. Sergey Lapushkin RUS 6866. Petr Yastrebkov RUS ONeill