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Epic Snow, Legendary Riders, Sick Riding At Q.N.S.


A down day for the FOUR(4)STAR Quiksilver Natural Selection competition meant a good day for riders to get out in the deep pow and get some shots with the multitude of photographers and cinematographers on site for the event.The TTR crew was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at tomorrows contest venue, Casper Bowl, as Travis Rice and all the riders competing packed out a couple of hits in preparation for the last day of competition. The guys packed down a run-in for a huge hip jump and a couple of other booters on the course. On the way out of the Casper Bowl area, J.J. Thomas, Nicolas Mueller and Kyle Clancy were all planning on hitting a cool drop next to a tree, and TTR filmer/editor Nugg was lucky enough to be on the scene and captured the session that went down ( Check out the footage here ). J.J. started things off with a nice front 5 stomping it in the deep pow. Nico was next with a frontside 180 landing clean in a huge puff of pow while Kyle dished out a tasty method. Everyone was a bit shocked and stoked on how deep the landings were. So, they boot packed it back up to the drop-in and had another go. J.J. threw down a giant method and Nicolas dropped right behind with a sick mega-ollie.The crew dropped through some trees and cranked some pow turns on the way to the next location. They rolled up on a diving board with a nice landing and got right to work. Nicolas chucked a backside 3 with good distance stomping it way down the landing and J.J. followed with a large tail grab going just as far as Nico. JJ thomas –