TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Enni Rukaj


For the second day of the 4Star Battery Catfight it was time for the Rail Jam, and a record of about forty girls participated in the jam format competition. Twelve girls made it to the finals and battled it out for the top honor. Finland’s Enni RukajErvi showed that she has some killer rail combinations in addition to her kicker slaying abilities, and took the victory in today’s jam session. She will certainly be one of the favourites leading into the slopestyle contest taking place tomorrow, Saturday March 26th, 2011. Tomorrow, another set of 500 Swatch TTR Ranking points will be handed out to the winner and the final portion of the $10 000 USD prize purse will be awarded. Enni’s best tricks in the final included a backside boardslide to fakie on the rail and a frontside 270 to frontside boardslide 270 out, as well as a switch tailslide 270 out on the box. She went off for a photo shoot straight after the event and had a few moments to celebrate her first rail battle victory. Stoked on the day’s event she said “I’m so happy to be riding back home in Finland. The level has gone up on the last few years and the girls are doing more versatile tricks. It was good to have a mixed international crew of riders who showed some gnarly tricks.”In second place was Isabel Derungs, who landed one of the judge’s and crowd favourite tricks with a 270 on and 270 off the C-rail, and in the third place was Christina (Tini) Gruber who is one of Austria’s most promising up and coming riders. Both riders will be showing their best in tomorrow’s slopestyle comp, Isabel with a sweet backside rodeo in her bag. Isabel also moved up in the TTR ranking into the World No. 15 spot. After the event she exclaimed, “The rail jam was fun, the set up was really good, and a nice format. The level was good too, I saw some sick tricks. After today I’m super motivated for the slopestyle tomorrow. I will take a sauna and have a good sleep, and hope for the best tomorrow.”