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Elias And Arthur – 2 Friends – One Goal


Two friends who have followed a similar path in their snowboarding career. French ripper Arthur Longo and Elias Elhardt from Bavaria, both only 20 and the 2 best riders on the TTR World Snowboard Tour Rankings their respective countries have to offer. One grew up near Oberstdorf’s Fellhorn, the biggest mountain resort of Germany, the other in the French resort of Les 2 Alpes.They got to know each other by competing together for more than 4 years now and both followed different ways over the years riding all across the Alps – and the world. Both made it to TAC and… but I am ahead of myself. ELIAS ELHARDT: Over 8 years ago Elias he was this little shred kid that has more motivation than a squirrel when it spots a nut (just thinking of squirrels because the “marmotes” are the national animal of the Valias in Switzerland where the Champs happened) killing it in is home resort with style no one else had seen before.A couple of winters later this style developed into complete riding being able to stomp tricks all 4 directions. With a run like this heAnd he still