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Dc Rookie Boot Camp Kaprun – Pushups With Drill Sergeant Drew Stevenson


For four years some of Europe’s finest and most talented rookies have taken part in the Boot Camp 2007 in Kaprun. No other than TTR’s CEO, Drew Stevenson, himself drove to the Kitzsteinhorn (Kaprun, Austria) and mutated to the RSM (Regimental Sgt Major) and was primarily responsible for maintaining the discipline and standards of snowboarders from all round the globe. For three days of hard training and drill exercises, young men and women were taught the most important things it takes to survive on the rough road to becoming a pro-snowboarder. Riding and shooting in the park, on free terrain as well as avalanche training was on the program during these days. In the evening, the menu was backcountry awareness theory, working with photographers, filmers, team managers and sponsors and interrupted by intervals of push ups and other humiliating activities.Besides the group’s unconventional Australian leader, the following people were part of the drill team: Mountain Guide and avalanche expert: Major T. Wolf Infantryman: B. Hartweger TTR intelligence officer (video): A. Juegelt TTR intelligence officer (photo): F. Jaeger Construction officer: 1st Lt. T.M.Marsh Officer in charge: Infantry General M. Hofmann In the end, all 12 privates passed the challenging tests and survived the drills. TTR and DC congratulate all participants of the Boot Camp 2007 and wish them good luck for their future winter missions: Private Andrea Sanktjohannser Private Elena Koenz Private Haenni Phipu Private Helen Wyss Private Jezler Clemens Private Kobi Wuersch Private Matthias Grober Private Mike Macho Private Patrick Habegger Private Tommi Gimpl Private Wolfi Wanner