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Crews And Teams Rocking The Swatch TTR Tour


When you break snowboarding down to its core, theres no doubt its an individual sport. You dont pass your board to anyone else or share the same uniform or jersey, you dont make line changes or substitutions and in the final rounds of a competition you either throw down, or get out of the way. Progression is developed on an individual basis and in the end snowboarders launch into the air or onto a rail one rider at a time. However, this isnt to say a snowboarder is completely abandoned and stranded. When it comes to travelling around the world and competing in contests, it would be most difficult to accomplish what many riders do every season without a team, a crew and a few friends to back you up, call you out and ultimately push you towards your best. “Every contest, every night, we are always talking about it telling each other what to do” says FRENDS member Jack Mitrani. “We are always mean to each other as well. If he’s not doing good enough we’re going to tell him straight up, just so they do their best.” Mitrani knows whats up when it comes to pushing his buddies, but he’s not the only one helping out his bros. Here we take a look at some of the crews, friends and teams currently rocking the Swatch TTR World Tour, who always seem to flock together towards the sickest competitions around the world.First up, a closer look at the