TTR World Snowboard Tour

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Colin Frei In Saas-Fee, Switzerland


Swiss rider Colin Frei has had an amazing season of shredding and has certainly established himself as one of the best Quarterpipe riders in the business. He ended his 07/08 TTR season in 50th by competing in only 5 and 6 star events and earned a reputation to go big. Really big. Were talking over 8 m. TTR caught up with Colin at the Snickers Classic in Saas-Fee Switzerland for a few words on his recent accomplishments: I started this season pretty good. I finished 5th in the ONeill Evolution Quarterpipe event, and after that, things got started; they invited me to the Billabong Air & Style in the legendary Bergisel Stadion. I was so stoked to be there and had such a great week. It was a very good competition and the crowd was on fire. I finished 6th and pretty much after that I received an invitation for the Arctic Challenge. I couldnt believe that I was going there! It was a very good week again with sick action and I came into the finals! At the beginning of this season, I never would have thought about participating at the Arctic Challenge and now I was in the finals! These three contests helped me a lot in my snowboarding career and suddenly, lots of things were going on after all that. I was doing some shoots and stuff and was travelling around. I also filmed a bit, but it was hard to find time for that beside contests, shoots and especially school. Im so happy to have finished with school this summer, so I can fully concentrate on snowboarding and for sure show my best on the TTR World Tour!”