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Chevy Grand Prix Halfpipe Postponed


Elijah Teter – Best Trick winner Halfpipe qualifiers went off without a hitch today, but the finals night session had to be postponed due to a thick fog that just wouldnt lift off the pipe. The organizers tried to wait things out, but the Vermont fog persisted and the competition had to be pushed to tomorrow following the Slopestyle finals.There was a big crowd in attendance, so not to disappoint all the shred fans that made their way to Killington, a best trick” contest was organized at the last minute. Riders had 45-minutes to drop as many times as they wanted and the winner was to be awarded $2,500 by event sponsor Rip It energy drink. Riders were hiking half way up the pipe and dropping in to get the last two hits. If they dropped any higher in the pipe they were lost in the fog. The guys were really going after it pulling some big, technical tricks out of the bag. Drew Brighton and Nate Johnstone stomped some nice backside 1080s, Bret Esser was throwing smooth front 9s all night and Louie Vito grabbed some massive crails. It may not have been the best trick, but one of the most technical tricks of the night was thrown by Zack Black who laid down a sick switch backside 900.In the end it was local Vermonter, Elijah Teter, who took home the $2500 for a switch alley-oop McTwist. Teter was pretty stoked with his result: We just had the pipe comp postponed but we had a best trick contest and it was super fun. Just got my flow going and actually won the best trick. Im super stoked right now. Switch alley-oop Mickey got it for me, so Im pretty happy.”The whole shebang will go down tomorrow at the Grand Prix with slopestyle qualifiers and finals going down tomorrow morning into the early afternoon. Halfpipe finals will immediately follow slopestyle awards tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned to for updates from tomorrows events.