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Chevrolet Grand Prix Victories Propel Korpi And Fliri Into TTR Top 5


Killington, Vermont, USA – March 17th 2008: The Chevrolet Grand Prix, a 5-Star competition on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, finally got under way today after a foggy weather delay last night. Slopestyle finals kicked off in the morning and Halfpipe finals took place in the afternoon making for an action packed day. Janne Korpi (FIN) and Claudia Fliri (AUT) stood atop the Slopestyle podium whilst American riders Louie Vito and Kelly Clark took the top spots in the Halfpipe. All four riders took home 850 TTR ranking points along with a sizeable portion of the $131 000 behemoth prize purse. The men hit the slopestyle course first which consisted of two rails up top, rolling into a line of four kickers. Each rider had two runs to prove their skills to the judges. Finnish rider Janne Korpi had a good day taking the number one spot on the podium moving him into TTR World No. 5. His winning run consisted of a FS Boardslide on the first rail into a Switch BS Boardslide to FS Boardslide on the second rail. He rose above the pack on the kicker line throwing a BS 9, Cab 9, FS 7 and ending with a sweet FS 10. Peetu Piiroinen was also a standout with a BS 7, FS 9, Cab 9 and a FS 5 to once again take third place. Piiroinens unfathomable consistency keeps him in TTR World No. 3 going into the US Open.For the women, Claudia Fliri, Mary Sallah and Jamie Anderson filled the podium spots. Jamie Anderson finished third with a Cab 5, FS 3, Straight Air and closing out with an always stylish BS 180 keeping her TTR World No. 2 position. Sallah claimed second with a Cab 5 and some smooth 3s. But the top Slopestyle rider of the day was Claudia Fliri who grabbed her first TTR 5-Star Title with a Cab 5, FS 3, Straight Air and a FS 7. Her solid efforts bump her up into the womens Top 5 – an important place to rest as only the Top 5 Women in the TTR rankings receive part of the $250 000 end-of-season prize purse. After the Slopestyle awards, attention shifted over to the Halfpipe for the finals that were originally postponed due to incredibly foggy conditions the previous night. The women dropped first, and once again Kelly Clark dominated the pipe with insane airs and fluid spins that even challenged some of the men. Clark worked a Corked BS 5, a FS 5 and a FS 7 into the mix to take the first place spot and hold her place as TTR World No. 3. Ellery Hollingsworth (USA) killed it as well with a Cab 7 and a BS 5 in her bag of tricks to grab second place and move into TTR World No. 7. Claire Bidez (USA) had a smooth run to round out the womens podium.Kelly was stoked with her result but knew there was some work ahead: Here in Killington, Vermont finishing up a 5-star TTR event. Im heading next to the US Open then to the Chicken Jam – the final stop on the womens Tour. Jamie Anderson, Torah Bright and myself will be battling it out and it will be a good last two events for sure.The men dropped next and the riding level was though the roof. Louie Vito had a couple of near flawless runs that included back-to-back 1080s, back-to-back 900s and a crippler earning him the number one spot. Vito now rests just outside the TTR Top 15 at World No. 16. Greg Bretz (USA) came out swinging with huge 9s and 10s for second place. Peetu Piiroinen was once again seeing nothing but