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Burton Nz Open Updated – Halfpipe Prequals With Benny B


Whilst the pipe was being blazed by the prequalifiers, the slope course was tested out for the first time. The course consists of a 3-option stair set to start with into a tall rail or giant water tank jib. Then you lock yourself in for the first 50ft kicker , into a 65ft kicker, the flow continues into a 2 options either a flat down or down round bar and finally finishing with a fs or bs wall ride option. The light was in&out like a raw dog on heat. So the riders were keeping it chill but there was some solid riding going downe. Riding the volcom boards 16yr old Tyler Flannagan was solid all day with bs7s & smooth rail skills. With so many groms killing it I decided to catch up Benny Bright from the School of Shred ™ & brother/ on hill manager / coach for Torah Bright. N: What do you reckon of the course layout?B: it’s wicked…I love it N: Who is the hot favorites for the slopestyle?B: Jye Kearney, a young grom from Oz that will give the likes of Mikkel Bang & Chas Guldemond a run for their money. Chas hears Benny’s statement & replies: Im very focused, in a zen like state, and choose to remain silent on this matter … N: What about the pipe Benny?B: Snowpark always rips fat pipes out….but this year it’s killer. N: And who should we keep an eye on in da PIPE?B: I’m looking forward to seeing 14-yr old Scotty James battle it head to head with Kazu. Can this aussie meat pie eater, out eat the samurai? Watch it live you fools on … ah yeah and don’t forget about . (ann.: cheap plug, haha)Stay tuned for further bits.