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Banging Music At The Bergiesel Stadium!


The first 6Star Swatch TTR snowboarding event is not just all about riding, there is also some sweet tunes on offer, so get your ticket fast if you don’t already have one or watch the webcast live. The headliner of the evening: The Hives Worldwide known for their unique and sweeping live performances The Hives from Sweden make a stop on 05.12.09 in the Bergisel Stadium. Already in 2007 they put a spell on the spectators of the Air & Style in Munich. Music critics share the opinion that this band is special regarding its music and style. The German Music Magazine Intro wrote: they present a popistic superiority in sound and style that it is already scary”. Also in Innsbruck they will run on the stage wearing black/ white suites and making the crowd dancing and partying. Its easy to sum up: They are not just a fashion trend, they are the kind of Rock band that is good, entertaining and different.” ( The hope of German HipHop: K.I.Z. from Berlin If four rappers can transform bored looking fans into sweating stage divers, then they deserve without any doubt the title stage hog.” ( And this is the reason why K.I.Z. are a perfect act for the Billabong Air & Style 09/II. They mix Rap with Rock, juggle in their lyrics with irony and black humor and besides this present live shows which are more than entertaining, the shows are 100% party. With their nature they shocked the German music scene and proofed that HipHop from Berlin can be demanding: German Rap suffers from boredom. The Band K.I.Z. from Berlin showed that tough rhymes can be sophistacted.” (Die Zeit online) Their performance in the Bergisel Stadium will better be not missed out. Bergisel Stadium in the second construction period Starting last week the stadium is again in a process to become the perfect location for the Billabong Air & Style 09/II. One issue is of course compulsory – the snow. Already four weeks ago snow production begun in Schmierntal. Now it is time for putting and forming the white gold in an optimal way on the setup with its total length of 150 meters. The quality of the snow and its shaping is a science. The experienced pro team of Air & Style will not leave anything to chance. The riders will get perfect conditions at this Swatch TTR 6Star event. Official Billabong Air & Style After Show Party 09/II The Billabong Air & Style 09/II will get its grand finale at the VAZ Hafen with the official After Show Party. Starting at 10:00pm the party will go on until the sunrise. Also here live music is the theme: Crossover sound from Clawfinger and punk rock from the Russian band Lumen. On three floors all party people will get entertained. If Rock, Electro or Chill out music, there will be something for everybody. Tickets for the Official Billabong Air & Style After Show Party are available at all presale offices of