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Ask A Rider With Seb Toots – Presented By Ride Snowboards


A while back we asked you to submit a question you’ve always wanted to ask Ride Snowboards team rider Sebastien Toutant. Out of the many good submissions Seb and TTR picked 10 questions for Seb to answer. On top of that, TTR Bronze partner Ride Snowboards is giving away brand new Ride Rodeo bindings which one of you lucky shredders will win! See below if your question made it, what Seb had to say and who the winner of the Ride Rodeo bindings is! Erika Ogami – What/who would you say helped contribute to your success? Max Henault, he’s my TM for O’Neill but at the same time my coach since I’m 12 years old. He was a good snowboarder back in the day and he helped me to progress faster. Steve Pelham – What is your thought process on learning a new trick. Do you over think it (visualization) and break it down……do you get into zen mode (feel it) or a combo of both. And which technique would you recommend for the above average Joe to lift their success rate? Keep up the inspiration. When I’m working on a new trick.. I usually try it on a trampoline first and when I feel it, I try it on snow. It definitely helps to focus and visualize the trick before doing it. Steven Paul Maggio – What was the scariest trick you have ever done? The first time I tried a FS 1080 double cork was really scary! Xavi Quir