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Ask A Rider With Marko Grilc Presented By Adidas Eyewear


You have once again submitted questions in hopes of getting an answer from the one and only adidas eyewear team rider Marko Grilc . But just getting an answer from Grilo is not all. This time there is the chance of winning some very special prices from TTR’s bronze partner adidas eyewear . The winner will receive adidas eyewear ID2 goggles designed and signed by Marko himself, a signed adidas eyewear ID2 longsleeve and a poster! Check the interview for Grilos answers and for the announcement of the winner. Ethan Frantz – When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I don’t remember what my biggest goal was. But i remember as soon as I started to skateboard and then snowboard, that I wanted to do everything that was connected to that. So I guess I always dreamed of getting to ride all the time. Alexander Flink – For how long had you been riding snowboard before you got sponsored? and how? I mean did someone notice you in a competition or how did it happen? I rode for about 6 years. The thing was that back then there was no internet or all this mega social media like today. You couldn’t just post a clip online. So I had to do well at contests and when I got 3rd at Junior Worlds,