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Air & Style Beijing: Rider’S Draw And Day One Of Training


The sky was clear, but strong winds kept riders from testing out the freshly built Air & Style Beijing Big Air jump. The only rider who hit the jump with full speed was Scotty Lago (USA), who got respect from his fellow competitors. While other riders sat back in disbelief, Scotty showed no fear and with his first attempt got the speed correct, adjusting for the heavy cross wind and landed perfectly. The kicker will see some minor tweaks based on the riders feedback and with good weather forecast for the next few days, the 16 riders are pumped to put on a good show for the capital of the Peoples Republic of China. Tomorrow will see one more training day before the big show.Last year’s Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck winner Marko Grilc (SLO) comments, “The whole stadium and the ramp and everything looks cool. I’m excited to hit it.” When asked if he feels pressure to repeat the Innsbruck performance, he states in a relaxed way, “Not really. It was cool to win last year definitely, but there are a lot of good riders out here, it would be hard to name one with the best chance. It just depends on who is gonna have the best day and who is gonna feel it the most.” Riders Ready to Go Head-to-head The Riders Draw took place this evening after riders returned from the stadium. All the Air & Style events feature a unique head-to-head elimination tournament-style format. So, after training, the riders were brought together to choose names out of a hat to see who will go head-to-head in the first round of competition on Saturday. Each rider will have three runs and the rider with the best score moves on to the next round, while the rider who loses is knocked out of competition.