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A Blog About Terje’S Smartfish With No Pun?!


Coming up soon on the TTR Tour is the SIX(6)STAR Oakley Arctic Challenge. Last season, Terje Haakonsen broke the world record, hitting 9.8m, which still stands to this day. Recently however, Terje made the record books again, claiming the title of Best commercial appearance by an action sports athlete.” Nothing can really prepare you for this, so its probably best to let this speak for itself: Thanks to Tacky World for the video… In all seriousness, its good to support the consumption of organic goods, whether its for health or climate reasons. Terje actually runs and owns his own organic shop in Oslo, Norway, so if youre in Oslo for the 2008 Arctic Challenge, drop in for some tasty treats. For the full story, log on to check out the Tacky World article and read up on Terje and his healthy omega-3 Smartfish Juice! PS: I know you are all dying te see some <sarcasm>hilarious</sarcasm> fish puns so just for the Halibut, i’ll take the Bait. Have a good evening, and Cod bless, wherever you are.