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6Star Burton European Open Men’S And Women ‘S Qualifications In The Bag


The 3rd day of the Burton European Open continued with Mens Halfpipe Pre-Qualifications and Womens Slopestyle Qualifications. Some fresh snow in the morning and a little fog didnt hinder the riders in todays competitions.99 men from 18 nations dropped into the Halfpipe today to determine which 40 riders will move on to the Halfpipe Qualifiers tomorrow. Riders were divided into four heats and had two runs, the best one counted. The top 5 riders from each heat plus the next 20 highest scored riders from all four heats advanced to the Qualifiers. The outstanding rider of the day was Australian Nathan Johnstone who received the highest score from the judges, stomping an impressive run that put him ahead of the rest of the field. Nathan went huge all the way and had the biggest amplitude of all riders. Another rider from down under, New Zealands Ben Stewart, who won his heat too, showed a massive Alley Oop McTwist on the last hit.