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3(Three) Star TTR World Snowboard Tour Event – Le Parrain Snowboarder – Cancelled


7 Laux, France – The 3(three) Star TTR World Snowboard Tour event Le Parrain Snowboarder will not be taking place as scheduled next weekend due to a swing in investment support making it impossible for the event organizers to deliver a credible event without the required resources needed to execute a top class Slopestyle competition. The event was scheduled to take place in the resort 7 Laux, France from the 14th – 18th March. Its humble mix of competitive and humanitarian design will hopefully be fully recognized and realized next season. The event organizers had aimed to raise enough funds to finance the purchase of a tandem-skiing chair for the resort. Suited for heavily handicapped persons (physically as well as mentally) the investment would allow persons access to taste on-slope experiences. TTR compliments the Le Parrain Snowboarder committee for their quest to support goodwill and wishes them courage with ongoing activities. More information on current and future plans can be found at: