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2Star Burton Am Tour In Sappee – Hotter Than A Finnish Sauna!


The Tour Calendar led the Burton AM crew towards the East_ from Stockholm over the Baltic Sea to the shores of Finland. While driving through the Scandinavian woods and getting closer to Sappee the temperatures were rising_ something HOT was going to happen. Guess what_ it certainly was not the famous Finnish sauna that was heating up the atmosphere! Last Saturday, March 7th, Sappee became Finlands hottest spot. It was the weekend when the resort hosted the second Scandinavian stop of the Burton AM Tour 2008/09. The Swatch TTR 2Star Event attracted 41 riders from Finland and Sweden, who wanted to show the sickest jibbing tricks and smoothest airs all over the North of Europe. It was all about seeing whos hot and whos not. After two days of digging, shaping and branding, the huge effort of the AM Tour crew and the resort paid off. Another sick park became the playing field for a steaming show that could have impressed every Finnish sauna! After the warm up, some more melting freestyle action followed during the two qualifications. All this led to an explosive final where the roof, the roof, the roof was on fire. In this ring of fire the shredding was on its peak. Finally it was the home-grown Kalleville Saari who won the Junior Boys category. His kicker combo – consisting of a Cab 540, a Frontside 720 Tailgrab and a Backside Rodeo 720 – impressed the judges. Within the Youth Boys category Tatu Toivanen heated up the slope the most. His Frontside 540 followed by a Cab 720 on the kickers and the Nosepress on one of the rails were just baking hot. And the girls were burning, too. It was Mia Alatalo and Hanna BjErnstrEm who cleaned up within the Junior Girls and the Youth Girls category. This years two Scandinavian shows ended with a glooming comp in the Finnish woods. We did it again_ All together! KITOS! Now the Tour moves on towards East. Check out the Russian fire in one weeks time! For more information check out: