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Meet the Team

The TTR Board of Directors and the TTR Executive Board are supported by an operational team of truly dedicated professionals who are working to implement TTR’s vision, mission and its directives.

Partner Relationship Manager, Mel Simmons

!cid_C8557F5A-F656-4597-9A8C-18AC0D358B79@speedport - Kopie From the “extreme capital of the world” Queenstown, New Zealand, harbouring a passion for water, snow, dirt, motor and vertical oriented fun, Mel Simmons knows action and adventure sports well. With snowboarding at the forefront, board sports have dominated the greater part of her life. Over 10 years deep in the freestyle competitive snowboarding event industry has allowed Mel the privilege to be a part of the world’s most outstanding freestyle and freeride snowboarding events, across the globe. With over a decade’s worth of experience as an International Pro Snowboard Judge and Event Management Consultant, Mel has stepped in to manage Partner Relations at TTR Pro Snowboarding…


Communication Manager, Meike Vetter

Meike Vetter Prior to joining the TTR Pro Snowboarding team, Meike was a full-time editor at snowboarderMBM, a well established snowboard magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for four years. As a former Executive Producer and Event Manager she has the experience and diverse skill-set that is well suited to TTR and the World Snowboard Tour. With strong communication skills, acquired during her time spent at MBM and freelancing as a journalist and PR manager within the board sports industry, teamed with her outgoing character, she has built up a wide network within the snowboard industry and beyond. Meike takes every chance she gets to travel the world and to experience new cultures and places, when at home, she is based in Munich, Germany…


Communication Consultant, Danielle Reiff-Jongerius

Danielle_reiff_jongerius Danielle started her career in the board sports industry as O’Neill’s European PR Coordinator, managing and servicing O’Neill’s european distributors and international PR for worldwide Surf and Snowboard Events for over 3 years. In 2008 she took on the Online Project Manager role at Quattro Media, leading the development of internet distribution channels of action sports videos. In 2010, Danielle started as an Independent PR Consultant, serving clients in fashion, wintersports tourism and action sports industries before becoming part of TTR Pro Snowboarding team. She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Marketing and Sports Rights. Originally from Utrecht, Netherlands, Danielle has resided in Munich since 2008…


Ranking & Financial Manager, Alex Doerr

alex-doerr Formerly the General Manager of TTR Pro Snowboarding, circa 2007 – 2013, Alex remains part of the TTR Team as the Ranking and Financial Manager. Having first joined TTR as the Rankings Manager back in 2003, Alex is responsible for the development and introduction of the first TTR World Ranking System and progressively, the World Snowboard Points List – as we know it today. In his current capacity he manages the WSPL ranking system,  TTR’s back end data and information systems, and coordinates the strategic planning and finances of TTR.“I consider working for the TTR a great opportunity to give something back and help to keep the spirit and lifestyle of snowboarding alive”. Snowboarding since the late eighties, Alex has acquired an extensive insight into the complexities of snowboarding organisation and competitive snowboarding over the years. Having begun his career in 2000 as the World Rankings Manager within the ISF, he went on to influence many aspects of the sport, from successfully establishing a national association in Germany to writing rule books, judging, designing points systems and sports information solutions, managing events, and overseeing the day-to-day of sports associations on national and international level. In dedicating his diverse experience and multifaceted skill set to TTR, Alex remains an asset to the both the organisation and to the progression of the sport.