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TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

The Mile High by Carlton Dry 2012

  • AUS
  • SS
  • MW
  • 12-13
  • Date: 26.08.12 - 29.08.12
  • Country: AUS
  • Location: Thredbo Resort
  • Event: SS
  • Prize Money: USD 20.000,-
  • Entry criteria: check website
  • Number of riders: 50
  • Web address:
  • Ranking Information: TTR 4Star Points

The Mile High by Carlton Dry is an event, which was first run in 2004 in Thredbo, NSW but was not continued as all of the event company’s effort went towards running and developing Stylewars. 2012 is the first year The Mile High will be run as a major international slopestyle event as a 4Star World Snowboard Tour stop. It will be run with Open registration but the format will be very similar to Stylewars with jam format sessions for both qualifying and finals. The qualifying session will include all riders (mens and womens mixed together) and the group will then be narrowed down for the second session. If the weather allows, 3 rounds will be held before the finals of 3 runs with the top 10 men and 10 women.

A 30 min Carlton Dry best trick session will go down daily on the main features with specific prize money going to the winners!


Mens Rankings

Mens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Lundstrom, Tor SWE Bataleon, Von Zipper 500.00
2. Comber, Ben NZL Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards  Anon Optics 471.15
3. Parrot, Maxence CAN Oakley Oakley  Monster Energy, O'Neill, Pop Headwear 450.00
4. Walker, Robbie AUS Anon Optics, Billabong, Grenade, K2 Snowboarding 434.03
5. Kearney, Jye AUS Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards   Oakley Oakley  Boost Mobile, DVS 421.20
6. Brown, Nick NZL Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards   410.00
7. Davies, Cohen AUS Destynvia, Dragon, Pow Gloves, Rome 399.39
8. Long, Peter AUS 390.00
9. Wood, Nick AUS Billabong, K2 Snowboarding, Von Zipper 381.68
10. Staveley, Cameron AUS Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards  Anon Optics, Red 373.44
11. Vogel-Paul, Declan AUS Oakley Oakley  Bonfire, Ride Snowboards 365.30
12. Hayman, Billy AUS 357.25
13. Steinbacher, Charlie AUS 349.29
14. Lynne, Iver AUS 341.42
15. Collings, Jackson AUS Electric Visual, Stepchild 333.64
16. Laidlaw, Timothy AUS Gnu, Quiksilver, Skullcandy 325.95
17. Klein, Daniel AUS 318.36
18. McAlpin, Joss AUS Bataleon, Electric, Volcom 310.85
19. Phillips, Jordan CAN Celtek, DYE, Rome, Vans 303.44
20. Cantle, Joel AUS 296.12
21. Marsden, Hugh AUS 288.88
22. Belmore, Shaun AUS 281.74
23. Green, Harry AUS 274.69
24. Perry, Nathan AUS 267.73
25. Sturrock, Troy AUS 260.86
26. Ryan, Liam NZL Forum, Special Blend 254.09
27. Thompson, Sean AUS 247.40

Womens Rankings

Womens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Mittermüller, Silvia GER Breckenridge Resort, Planet Sports, Purl, Ride Snowboards, Vans 500.00
2. Turnbull, Biba AUS DC, FLUX BINDINGS, Roxy, Skullcandy 471.15
3. Blundell, katie GBR 015 Boards & Lifestyle, Bern Unlimited, Celtek, Dragon, O'Neill, Ride Snowboards, Skullcandy 450.00
4. Rich, Jess AUS DC, Roxy, Transform Gloves 434.03
5. Phillipson, Courtney AUS Holden, K2 Snowboarding 421.20