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TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Stylewars 2012

  • AUS
  • SS
  • MW
  • 4STR
  • 12-13
  • Date: 02.09.12 - 05.09.12
  • Country: AUS
  • Location: Falls Creek
  • Event: SS
  • Prize Money: USD 20.000,-
  • Entry criteria: check website
  • Number of riders: 50
  • Web address:
  • Ranking Information: TTR 4Star Points

Stylewars is a 3-day Slopestyle Jam and street rail event, which has been running now for 10 years. Started originally as a photoshoot super-park session Stylewars has remained very focused on Snowboard lifestyle as well as progression leaving its format very relaxed and all about park sessions – not a ‘2 run a day’ knock out system.

Stylewars is the biggest on snow event in Australia and a real get together for anyone that loves snowboarding; with live music and parties, the event is a small festival and not just a snowboard competition. The event format is designed to find the best slopestyle riders who can maintain top level slopestyle riding over 2 hour jam sessions showing style and trick variety. The finals are judged with an additional judge equivalent done by rider voting for the overall event winner. This makes Stylewars very unique on the World Snowboard Tour a riders judge riders.

28 Stairs closes the event, which is a notorious street rail session at night outside the bar and closing party. 28 Stairs is run in jam format as Stylewars is then narrowed down to 10 riders in the final session. 28 Stairs has seen the world’s best rail kids do things that should not be done on long street stair rails!


Mens Rankings

Mens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Truchon, Antoine CAN Absolut Park, Giro, Pop Headwear, Yonex 500.00
2. Parrot, Maxence CAN Oakley Oakley  Monster Energy, O'Neill, Pop Headwear 471.15
3. Lundstrom, Tor SWE Bataleon, Von Zipper 450.00
4. Comber, Ben NZL Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards  Anon Optics 434.03
5. Brown, Nick NZL Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards   421.20
6. Walker, Robbie AUS Anon Optics, Billabong, Grenade, K2 Snowboarding 410.00
7. Weissenbacher, Mathias AUT Absolut Park, Adidas Eyewear, Blue Tomato, Burn Energy Drink, Vans 399.39
8. Phillips, Jordan CAN Celtek, DYE, Rome, Vans 390.00
9. Roth, Andrew AUS 381.68
10. Kearney, Jye AUS Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards   Oakley Oakley  Boost Mobile, DVS 373.44
11. Cinca, Patrick GER ROCKWELL Time, Voelkl 365.30
12. Long, Peter AUS 357.25
13. Steinbacher, Charlie AUS 349.29
14. Hayman, Billy AUS 341.42
15. Staveley, Cameron AUS Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards  Anon Optics, Red 333.64
16. Vogel-Paul, Declan AUS Oakley Oakley  Bonfire, Ride Snowboards 325.95
17. Laidlaw, Timothy AUS Gnu, Quiksilver, Skullcandy 318.36
18. Klein, Daniel AUS 310.85
19. Staveley, Luke AUS 303.44
20. Ryan, Liam NZL Forum, Special Blend 296.12
21. Belmore, Shaun AUS 288.88
22. Wood, Nick AUS Billabong, K2 Snowboarding, Von Zipper 281.74
23. Koia, Jake NZL Oakley Oakley  FLUX BINDINGS, Grenade, Madwax, Red Bull 274.69
24. Hatch, Silas USA Forum, Smith 267.73
25. McLaughlin, Kieran AUS 260.86
26. Thompson, Sean AUS 254.09
27. Burns, Jeremy AUS 015 Boards & Lifestyle, Anon Optics, Nomis, Rome 247.40
28. Coates, Allie AUS 240.80
29. Carlin, Jack AUS 234.30
30. Buri, Max SUI Clast, Salomon 227.89
31. Galina, Mathew AUS 221.56
32. Whitely, Cutler USA 215.33
33. De campo, Chris AUS Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards  Von Zipper 209.19
34. Kulisek, Matts CAN Axis, Billabong, K2 Snowboarding, Von Zipper 203.14

Womens Rankings

Womens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Mittermüller, Silvia GER Breckenridge Resort, Planet Sports, Purl, Ride Snowboards, Vans 500.00
2. Phillipson, Courtney AUS Holden, K2 Snowboarding 471.15
3. Turnbull, Biba AUS DC, FLUX BINDINGS, Roxy, Skullcandy 450.00
4. Rich, Jess AUS DC, Roxy, Transform Gloves 434.03
5. McJannett, Jade USA 421.20