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The World Snowboard Tour (WST) ist the platform for competitive freestyle snowboarding unification and operates, maintains and promotes the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL) the World Snowboarding Global Event Schedule.

All freestyle snowboard events that feature halfpipe, slopestyle or big air disciplines are welcome to join the WST regardless of the event’s current federation affiliation, national organization, host or promoter.


Submit your event dates to be listed on the Global Event Schedule

The purpose of the Global Event Schedule is to collect the scheduled and planned dates of all snowboard events for the current and upcoming seasons to maintain a global event schedule and planning calendar for snowboarding.

The registration is not binding, free of charge and open to all events regardless of their affiliation or sanctioning.

Events can submit their event dates for the upcoming seasons: 2017/18 – 2018/19 – 2019/20.


Single Events – Click here!

Multiple Events/Events Series/Nations – Click here!


What is the unified Global Event Schedule for? 

A unified, comprehensive global event schedule helps events, athletes, coaches, organisations and other industry players to prepare the upcoming seasons. It helps to plan travel, reduces travel time and costs and will provide a foundation to organise the sport of snowboarding more effectively. It enables event organisers and organisations to identify and prevent potential date clashes and can thus ensure the best possible rider line up, medial and public attention for each event.

Tentative Status

Your event will be listed on the Global Event Schedule and shown with status “Planned”. Date of the event, disciplines and event level are tentative and may be subject to change. You can submit your event dates for future seasons and we will display events as planned until the dates are finally confirmed.

Confirmed Status

If you have registered for the Global Event Schedule we will contact you at a later time at the contact information you provided and ask you to confirm your dates.The green icon indicates that this event has been confirmed with its dates, disciplines and event level.