TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Event Registration

1. Submit your official event application for the  2017 WST Season Calendar

The World Snowboard Tour (WST) ist the platform for competitive freestyle snowboarding unification and operates, maintains and promotes the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL) the 2017 WST Season Calendar and the Planning Calendar.

All freestyle snowboard events that feature halfpipe, slopestyle or big air disciplines are welcome to join the WST regardless of the event’s current federation affiliation, national organization, host or promoter.

License Fees

Events need to officially apply and pay a licensing fee in order to be World Snowboard Tour accredited for the 2017 Season.

  • 2017 License Fee Elite Events: EUR 5.000,-
  • 2017 License Fee International Events: EUR 2.000,-
  • 2017 License Fee National Events: EUR 700,-
  • 2017 License Fee Regional Events: EUR 200,-


WST events to use full WSPL exports and to be displayed on the WST platform

Since January 1st, 2017 onward, only WST accredited events

Non-WST accredited events are listed on the Global Planning Calendar only, marked with a yellow sandglass. The event profile can not be accessed and the event is not displayed on the result records and the WSPLs. Full WSPL exports will not be provided to non-WST events.

Once an event has become WST accredited it will be listed on the 2017 Season Calendar, have a WST event profile and the event will be displayed on the WSPLs and on the rider result records. The WSPL exports will be provided to events that have paid the WST license fee in full at the time of the request.

Click on the respective link below to apply as a Elite or International Level Event on the 2017 World Snowboard Tour.



Event Application – Season Calendar






For Regional and National Level Events please contact Meinhard Trojer:

2. Submit your registration to be listed on the Global Planning Calendar

Please note, this event registration is not an official event application for the World Snowboard Tour. Your event will only be listed on the Planning Calendar and shown with status “Planned”. Even if you do not plan to join the World Snowboard Tour, we kindly ask you to submit your registration so that your event will be listed on the global planning calendar. At a later time we will contact you at the contact information you provided and ask you to submit your official event application. After the official event application has been reviewed and processed your event will be displayed on the Global Event Schedule and on the Planning Calendar, indicated and officially communicated as “Confirmed”.

Click here to submit your registration for the Planning Calendar